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Who We Are

Bright Brain is a private tutoring service based in Round Rock, TX dedicated to providing quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) tutoring services to students of all ages. By helping students realize the power of their own mind, we are empowering the next generation of engineers, medical professionals and scientists. This process includes learning scientific facts, but also entails much more than that. Our philosophy includes helping each student help themselves by: presenting the relevant facts and knowledge about the topic, fostering the process of transformation that the assimilation of any new piece of knowledge requires, and periodically assessing the depth of understanding of this knowledge.

We cater to athletes, artists, and geniuses alike. Everyone has a bright brain – we are here to help them shine.

What We Do

We offer private tutoring lessons, classes, and group lessons for: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science (including AP-level Physics and Chemistry), and SAT/ACT preparation in Round Rock, Cedar Park and the surrounding areas. We also provide a personally tailored learning plan to each student, including instruction beyond the classes they are currently in. By identifying and working on problem areas not being covered at school, many students notice their grades improve and their classes get easier.

If you need more information regarding our services or would like to schedule a lesson with one of our excellent tutors, please call us at (512) 743-2001 or email You can also fill out our contact form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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